Fuel Products & Prices

 The range of products include all traditional fuels


Fuel Products & Prices

> Fuel Gas for local Ministry of Electricity & Water )(MEW) for power generation

> Ethane as feed stock to Olefin Plants (Equate-1 and Equate-2), a JV Projects by KPC  Subsidiary, PIC (Petrochemical Industries 
   Co.) and DOW Chemicals.

> LPG – Local market and exports

> Petrochemical Naphtha for export

> Gasolines – mainly for the domestic market

> Kero / Jet-A 1 for export and domestic market

> Diesels – various grades for export markets and local market requirements

> Fuel Oils – Local requirements for MEW, bunker needs and exports

> Specialty Products : Sulfur, Petroleum Coke, and Bitumen (mainly for local demands)