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Major Environmental Projects
KNPC HSE Capital Projects for the FY2012/2013- 2017/2018
Project name
Objective of the project
Completion Date
of project
Estimated cost, in KD
Provision of Low NOx burners in  boilers/heaters at Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery.
Reduce the emission of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to 66 ppmv compared to KEPA norm of 165 ppmv ensure meeting K-EPA norms
June 2015
·          Commencement of contract  - May 2013( Delayed as the shutdown schedule is changed)
·          Replacement of  1st Boiler Burner in Dec2013 and will be phased manner in 5 boilers .
·          Expected Completion in Jun 2015
New Facilities for H2S Removal From SWS Flash Drum Off-Gas in Sour Water Stripper Unit U-26 (MAB)
To remove H2S from SWS flash drum
Dec 2013
·          Project Completion & Close out Dec’13
Gas Recovery Facilities in U-49 MAB Refinery.
To recover the Hydrocarbon gases being flared and thus reduce emissions to the air.
Mar 2017
·          Award of Contract Jun 2014
·          Signing of Contract Jul 2014
·          Commencement of EPC Contract Aug 2014
·          Completion of EPC Contract Dec 2016
·          Project Completion and Closeout Mar 2017
New Flare Gas Recovery Unit at   MAA Refinery (KNPC)
To recover the Hydrocarbon gases being flared and thus reduce emissions to the air. 
Dec 2013
·          EPC works Commencement Sep 2010
·          EPC Contract completion Oct 2013
·          Project Completion(Closeout) Dec’2013
Upgrading of obsolete Fire Detection, Alarm and Suppression Systems at KNPC Sites Including the phase – out of Halon System.
Replacement of Halon gas with environment-friendly substance
Mar 2014
·          EPC work Commencement May2011
·          EPC Contract Completion Dec-13
·          Project completion & Close out Mar 2014
Gasoline vapor recovery project in filling stations (Phase II).
Recovery of gasoline vapors during refueling of vehicles at filling stations in order to reduce emissions.
April 2015
·          Award of Contract Jan 2014.
·          Construction & Commissioning April 2015
Revamp of MAA ground Burnery  for smokeless operation.
Eliminate/minimize the smoke from ground Flare at Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery
July 2015
·          Contract Commencement May-13
·          Contract Completion May 2015
·          Project Completion and Closeout July 2015
New Acid Gas Removal Plant  and Revamp of Existing AGRP
Improve the efficiency of the unit and reduce the emission of sulfur    dioxide 
Nov 2015
·          Commencement of EPC Contract Sep 2010
·          EPC Completion-New AGRP  (PTO) Jun 2014, Revamp AGRP(PTO) Jun2015
·          Project Completion and Closeout Nov-15
New Tail Gas Treatment Unit at MAA Refinery. 
Reduce sulfur dioxide emissions to meet K-EPA norms.
March 2015
·          EPC works Commencement Oct 2012
·          Commissioning Oct 2014
·          Project Closeout Mar 2015
Revamp of Effluent Treatment Facilities at three refineries
Improving the quality of treated effluent to ensure meeting  K-EPA Norms
     Dec 2013
·          Commencement of Contract Sep 2007
·          EPC Contract completion - MAB Jun 2012
·          EPC Contract completion - SHU Jun 2012
·          EPC Contract completion - MAA Aug 2013
·          Project Completion Mar 2014
·          Acceptance certificate from MAB Refinery received on 8th Sep 2013.Awaiting from MAA & SHU Refinery
Nature Reserve Project at Wafra
To enhance native biodiversity conservation.
Sept 2016
·          Contract Commencement Jul 2012
·          Commencement  of FEED by Consultant Jan 2013
·          EPMC/PRC Approval of FEED Mar-2014
·          Commencement of EPC Works  Jan 2015
·          Project Completion and Closeout Sep 2016
Bio remediation of contaminated soil at Mina Abdulla .
i.                     Civil and associated works for bio remediation project by M/s Gulfar
ii.                    Services for Bio remediation of contaminated by M/s KISR
Remediation of Site
June 2015
·          Contract Commencement for civil jobs by M/s Gulfar – Feb 2012 for 36 months period till Jan 2015.
·          Bioremediation area preparation by Oct 2013 ( 90 % completed)
·          Completion of 1st batch of soil remediation by Apr 2014
·          Completion of 2nd batch of soil remediation by Jun 2015


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